I Am A Technology Junkie

"Hello, my name is Cameron and I am a Technology Junkie."

I confess, technology is one of those things that just never stops amazing me, it's remarkable what people will build and I can't get enough of it. To my credit, it's not that I blow my pay cheque on technology, frankly I read about it and go through a constant churn of ideas of how I might be able to use the stuff, for practical or impractical purposes, on a day-to-day basis.

This is my porn, though not something that's sexual. A cool device, or some interesting new computer language, or a neat new software gets my day of on the right foot. Even a retro experience that takes me back to the days of my youth and the technology we've left behind can be fun. I still have a diskette (3.5" floppy) that has a game I played in (approximately) 1985 on it, it's on a USB Floppy Drive and every few years I set it up and play it a little, not on a Virtual Machine (VM), but is technical nostalgia. It's also someone's legacy. I talked to the developer, a former Air Traffic Controller, who had to give that up because he was going blind. The game was shareware, "Dulles" was his legacy, It is why I pay for Shareware I find useful. I never paid for Dulles, I lost track of the developer before I could send him $20. This was back in the days of CompuServe and before The Internet and PayPal, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't have tried.

My passion for technology is my advantage, I see the purpose and function of technology and mentally play with it even when I can't touch it yet. I store it's existence away until a need comes to light, and I share my discoveries, the best ones, so that others can do the same.

I might be an addict, but not in the worst sense. I maintain that my passion for technology has a selfless, help others, sentiment to it. I try, daily, to be a blessing. Perhaps technology is just my tool to that end.