Re-aligning my life to reality

I'm a technical guy, which is critical when you work at making complex technical things work [again] by assisting your customers in understanding your employer's software. This is not the software you downloaded for your laptop or PC. It's certainly not as simplistic as that app you have on your phone, but parts of it can be there too.

It's "middleware," which means it's a component of a much more complex, normally multi-server solution. That's a minimum implementation, often these are interconnected systems that span 3-15 vendors of hardware and software.

The short story, though perhaps it's a bit late for that, is that it's a tough job, and I have never professed to be the best at it. It's stressful.

It's my job, and I love it.

I'm sure I'd love another job, but this is the job I have and I'm not one to give up.

I have a strange way about me, it would seem, I think of others. I always do, it never ends and for those people that are in my life, some of them are rewarded for what may seem like nothing, but this is not the case. These people are good people and I believe that good people deserve good things to happen to them. I also believe anyone can be given the opportunity to be appreciated because life is hard. The biggest challenge to this tendency is that I'm not rich.

I'm a Jesus-curious, guy that tries to see the best in people. Sadly, people keep proving me wrong. People can be real jerks. I persist in not following that lead. I try, every day, to make things better in some way.

Anyway, my mission (blog) is meant to do good. I hope it does for you, but no promises on how well I'm going to keep this up, I have zero habits, which may be my biggest flaw.