Oh! You pretty things...

David Bowie may not have been thinking of this...

It was not one man who sold the world, it was all of us selling out on the dream the dream of being good people who could live for the good of others. We're selfish, but this is no surprise we're human. We have needs and we deem them more important to be satisfied for ourselves than of others. Even this post is a selfish act of telling you, the reader, that you are to blame for our downfall. We're all just a little too greedy, to much of that "ME GENERATION" to see it.

Changes would be nice to see, but the few who try to make a difference, they fail because their generosity is eroded and fed upon by the takers in this world, the world has so many people who need love, a leg up, and help, but the moment there's a chance for those folk, there's some else there ready to take advantage or simply destroy that hope. It's the nature of humans, we're the worst of God's creations. We are the only species that goes out of its way to destroy the goodness that we've been given.

We need Heroes to lead us, but we're left with pawns of corporations that pretend to lead us while looking for their share of our pie. We have idealistic escapes while we look for Life on Mars, but we find nothing, and do nothing, to save our home, our mother Earth. Even if you don't believe in God you must have noticed the beauty of this planet and while it may not be dead before you leave this place, there are generations that will be living with problems you disregarded, contributed to, and left behind. Anyone one who does not feel they are Under Pressure to make this place a better place is a criminal in my mind.

It is not simply the ecological disaster we have created it's the hatred! Why are we so set on having contempt  for each other? We need love each other, not look at our faults as differences to set one above another, but to define a Modern Love, that does not regard boundaries as lines upon which to lay defences, but rather to build bridges. We need to look to the future to the Golden Years of humanity, but we have a problem if we look at the core of our being, humanity is a baseless foundation. It is for this reason that we seek faith, God, the discipline of the laws of a higher power. Some people recognize that faith, those laws are a salvation, some take liberties with beliefs and turn them into a tool of hatred, humanizing faith and disregarding the laws as they were intended. Jesus told us to love each other, not love each other conditionally. He did not tell us to judge each other, he simply told us to LOVE EACH OTHER.

Why can't we do this?

My beliefs teach me that to love another person, I must first learn to love Jesus, love God, first. This is my quest, to seek a path that allows me to follow Jesus' example, to LOVE GOD before all others. Once I get that figured out, then maybe I can love everyone else with the same, unconditional love that Jesus loves us all with.


Failure is only a perception...

It seems to be that your own success is often masked in a belief that you have failed when in fact you may not have.