Wearing My Emotional Kevlar Vest

The cool night air wafts through an open window, there is a slight need to suppress the anxiety that I am actually unemployed, again, and not on vacation as I am telling myself. I face the reality with some trepidation and with a goal to re-discover my path, to cast into some foundation a plan by which to be employed and move forward with my life. This "vacation" is a short time to discover myself again, to examine the job market and what I must do to be, or become, marketable for a position with some longevity.

I have been assured that I am good at being a help, a blessing, but being a technological good samaritan doesn't pay well. I need to be paid well enough to pay all my bills. I recognize I have too many bills, too much overhead, to live comfortably. I need to reduce costs.

Some would suggest to take on a boarder, that might work, but it's so hard to trust these days.

Anyway, the vacation ends June 3rd. I'll keep you posted.

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