Going back to your roots, with humility.

Let's not consider this cliché, but I am sitting in my parents' basement at the very desk I did my homework on as a child, roughly 25-35 years ago, and I'm considering my options when it comes to career goals. I can tell you that while I had an unexpected and fortunate opportunity to play the role of a BlackBerry evangelist yesterday showing off my technical prowess and product knowledge, the reality of my employment situation is never far from my mind.

While I have to "irons in the fire" there's no telling if those either of those irons will become a horseshoe (a job). While I face the potential reality, I am also hopeful. I recognise in myself the capacity and potential to be a real asset to their technical staff. I have the skills and experience to really make a difference, and sooner or later someone will notice, though if later, they may recognise it in the seat of a GO or Brampton bus driver.

One must have humility in these times. The young must have all the high hopes and eagerness to get out there and replace the older generations, but there's no reason for the old guard to shuffle off quietly, they have a responsibility to share their war stories, admit their faults and inspire the young to be ethical and determined in their quest.

 I love talking to young people, though I do not feel old per sé. I'm 45 and I have a great deal to give. I have technical knowledge, workplace experience, sound ethics, and quite a bit of reality to share with the young folk so they will not make the mistakes, or will at least be more prepared than I have been. Many of my errors, career choices, began right at this desk, the first one being not going to college. I recognise now that going through a proper post-secondary institution, going to all of those classes and getting the degree is essential if you don't want your fall-back to be working at McDonald's. It's not that working there is a bad experience, it is simply a minimum wage role that is hard to survive on in this day and age. When you get older you must embrace humility, live with and on less.

(to be continued)

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