The ebb

The company that employs me has a higher demand for manpower at tax time. Today is the last day of tax season and so this week marks the ebb of the employee flow. It strikes me that these people must find something new to do for the remainder of the calendar year, and leaves me wondering what their plans are.

I, frankly, hate job hunting. Are these people employment sadists? No, I think not. They are accustomed to contract work, quietly departing without a whimper or a tear. They simply vanish into the dust and chaos of our lives. This is the nature of tax, but wouldn't it be grand to make this seasonal work fit your life. Taxes from January through May, Outdoor work through September or October and 2 months of the Christmas rush. Can one live like this?

I may not be the one that tries, but perhaps this suite of roles is a way of life for some.

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