Seek Common Ground

I'm trying to focus on a theme these days, #SeekCommonGround, but it's difficult when we, "the west," are presented with the rhetoric and ignorance of the newly inaugurated. We, not the extreme left, or the extreme right, the reasonable and wide middle, must seek commonality of our causes. It is the ways in which we are the same that will unite us will lead us through these strange and difficult times and must remind ourselves and each other that we care about more than the fringe, we are the heart of our society. Being that heart we must seek to draw the edges to the middle and create a peaceful force of resistance to the change we are now witness to.

We do not need to ridicule this new POTUS, but rather highlight the good when it does appear. We must seek to call out his lies, constructively through distribution and dissemination of facts and support of those facts. We need harp on the inarguable facts and to leave theories, falsehoods, and memes behind. This is no time for comedy or wit, this is a serious concern to the free world, to the goodness we seek in society. We can build an inclusive, compassionate, and loving society through focused efforts to mitigate the damage being done as it's being done. Peaceful protests, authoring accurate and respectful papers that forge a path to this common ground, and seeking leadership that have the qualities that motivate the middle to suppress the fringe, drawing them toward the middle, helping them feel included and part of the solution rather than outsiders or forgotten.

Listen, think, observe, and love. This is a situation where "Love thine enemy," is essential.

Are you in?

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