The best made plans...

... can be unravelled without any effort.

I've had friends tell me I need to get out more. Well, I do try. I try to plan things, have fun, spend time with people, and ya know... plans change. I was supposed to be going to the air museum at Downsview Airforce Base today with my daughter, but plans changed. I was supposed to be downtown yesterday to see (even from the outside) Breakfast Television and go to a cool comic book store with my daughter, but plans changed. I role with the punches and I do this on a daily basis. It leaves me with one feeling at the end of it all, the feeling I do for others and not myself.

Now, there are people YOU MUST do for in life, daughters, wives, friends, family... the order is not important here. There are people who ask little of you, and they should be rewarded with good quality time. My youngest daughter is in the realm right now, not asking for much, the reward: Attending Fan Expo Canada this past Sunday with friends.

Then there's the family-based requests. This one starts Thursday, and is simple, but a huge effort. Get to Kingston, then get my parents to Northern Quebec for my brother's birthday (who plans a birthday on a Sunday?). Take a couple of days to visit, then head home Monday. Leaving at 5AM on Monday, arriving in leaving my parents with their car in Kingston, then heading to Brampton for ~10pm on Monday night.

I get to work the next morning, and I had hoped that my daughter would be along for the trip, but this has become an unknown.

I have come to the conclusion, and forgive my lack of nobility for saying so but, I do for others. So, if someone starts getting on my case for not being fit, not being something they expect of me, etc.... well. I reserve the right to be a complete ass and tell them where to go with all the detail required to find a particular town in Michigan.

Directions to Hell, MI

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