Working Out A Weekend Getaway

To control spending I keep limited funds available for impulse purchases, the down-side to that it that I generally need to plan ahead for big expenses. This means my hopes of getting away this weekend to see my parents will not happen this weekend as I had been pondering in the last 24-hours, but that's okay.

My brother, oldest brother, is having a birthday party on September 4th, a Sunday, at his place in "deepest, darkest, Quebec." While I would like to have made this weekend's trip, perhaps they will understand if I postpone until September 1st and go for a drive with them to my brother's place. I'd love a good drive in the mountains of Quebec.

So, here's the plan... We start off from Brampton, Ontario on September 1st catching the VIARAIL train to Union (this may change to reduce costs), but it offers a reasonable stop-over at Union for lunch (though the Harvey's is gone so you're left with McD's or Cinnebon). Then from Union to Kingston where we catch local transit to my parents' place in Amherstview, Ontario. Notably the bus service to their place [is lacking] but I'd rather keep the impact on them to a minimum. Then we sleep and prepare for a drive.

The Friday Might be best guided by a SatNav system, but we have something better... Multiple BlackBerry devices and my co-pilot and daughter, Ashley. The route to my brother's is a tad long. The Google estimate is 10h 49m and I'm sure we'll stop at least once or twice.I would like to afford the time to do two things... use my PlayBook to capture a place in Quebec City that my brother in arm chairs (friend and neighbour) used to race at (virtually, in Project Gotham Racing), and a couple of mountain stops. So... I'll need my power adapter to charge my devices. I don't think my parents' Ford Fusion has an AC Adapter/inverter.

Anyway, the trip will take me and my youngest daughter to places I'd been as a kid, but tragically not with enough time to explore them the way I could. The important thing is that my parents' get to see their son turn 60 in the awesomeness of Quebec. Needed for trip: Red Bull and entertainment for my daughter.

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