Turning 44, soon.

Wearing a winner's circle yellow shirt as an ad for what once was "just an anti-virus company" in many respects. I'm heading out for brunch with a long-time friend to celebrate my existence. I'm conscious of my need to lose weight and my own challenges to not only eat healthier but consider that the content is as important battling my inclination to eat too much.

I do this out of boredom, frustration, stress, and depression. This is my coping method, and it needs to stop.

Wait, this it about turning 44. That is a reason to celebrate, to allow others to pat me on the back and suggest a "well done" is in order. It is. I've done okay considering the stupid things I've done, but... That's water over the dam.

Any way... The idea that I'll be 44 this Friday isn't a shock or concern, it's just another day. What's special is the people that choose to spend it with you, or at least honouring you with well wishings. In my case it may not be hundreds of people, but they are awesome people and I am very honoured.

A big thank you goes to my friends and family. They are how I got to fourty-four, and how I'll get to 45.

Happy Birthday to me!

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