I am more than meets the eye.

What meets the eye is, currently, 342 pounds of me. This must change, and it has... I was 352 pounds only a few weeks ago.

I have elected, for my own sake, to pursue a better manner of eating, and in turn (and due time) better physical activities to support my desire to regain a shape and create a better ratio of what I am versus what meets the eye. I am much more than meets the eye: I am not just a geek and gamer, I am a father, friend, and fan of life.

That said, this is a journey. While I enjoy video games and TV shows, and professional things that are generally sedentary (i.e. programming computers and such), I am embarking on a journey into health and I will not be alone. You're coming with me.

First step, get back to that new diet I started... the "Month of Hummus" July 24th-August 24th, 2011

What this means is that I'm going to eat significantly less junk food, and reduce my red meat (cow, pig, goat, etc.) intake. While trying to eliminate sugary foods. I had steak tonight, yummy-ish. It was pan fried and a crime in some manner, but I had steak and too much of it. Anyway, to get back on track, I'm going to 'blog my activities, and consumption. This may also feature some micro-'blogging (aka Twitter) and some other personal revelations.

I'm trying to be positive, but this is an effort for me. I'd like to be more like my neighbour and friend who has a pleasant and positive outlook, at least outwardly, 24/7. As for now. I try to enjoy life, but people, society, bothers me. I'd like to grow to get past that.

Anyway, welcome to my journey.

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